Title ‘honourable ‘ among politicians in Ghana; a charade?

I know we all in GHANA are very familiar with the use of the word ‘HONOURABLE ‘among politicians in our country. I know you sometimes ask yourself but why are these people the only people using such a title. Is it a title that is conferred on them by the 1992 constitution or what ?

Some of us who know the meaning of that word ‘HONOURABLE ‘ used to ask ourselves whether our politicians really deserve to be called by that for reasons that ,they most at times act contrary to the word.

One may ask , what does it take to be called HONOURABLE? In my candid opinion, the word should be used for any person living on earth who is HONEST and FAIR in all his dealings either to the people who voted for him/her or to those who have given him a mandate to take care of their resources(office ,home,children ) So,if you are a politician and you are not HONEST and FAIR to your people, why should you be called by the tittle HONOURABLE?

It has eaten more into them to the extent that , unit committee members ,assembly members both elected and appointed, MMDCEs, MPs, Ministers as well as people in high public offices get annoyed when the common people do not call them by such titles . If you write a letter or you personally go to them for whatever and you don’t address them by such titles, you are likely not to be offered any help .

In my view ,possessing that tittle calls for an in depth service to the betterment of the lives of the people. It is not driving in V8s whiles hospitals are left without OXYGEN , Communities without ambulances , schools left without CHALK or even left to be sitting under TREES , communities left without potable drinking water etc….

To conclude, the obsession of that tittle must come with a bigger RESPONSIBILITY on whoever uses it. For being called ‘HONOURABLE ‘ is not a joke .

Can you recount a time when you have not addressed any of them by that tittle and they’ve gone angry or didn’t offer you any help ? If yes, you share with the rest of us .

Abubakar Saddique Ahmed

Abubakar Saddique Ahmed

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