Tony Lithur is a cheap womanizer – Oye Lithur fires back

Gender activist and human rights lawyer, Nana Oye Lithur says her husband, Tony Lithur has romantic partners across the country.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the former Gender and Social Protection Minister said despite her husband’s age, his desire for sex has not gone away.

Tony Lithur is reported to have filed a divorce petition asking the court to dissolve their bond of matrimony after accusing Oye Lithur of having an extramarital affair and being “cruel” and “violent”.

Tony Lithur in the statement made a passionate appeal to the public to give his family privacy as they go through a “painful” and “difficult” divorce process.

I Have Never Had Sex Outside My Marriage – Oye Lithur

After news of their divorce case went viral, Mr Lithur who’s also an astute legal practitioner and represented former President John Mahama in the election petition case in 2012 issued a passionate statement calling for privacy on the matter.

But in an extraordinary twist to the controversy, Mrs Lithur insisted that allegations against her were fictitious and targeted at ruining her reputation.

Meet NPP Executive Who Wants To Marry Oye Lithur

In a statement she said, “In the past 24 hours, I have been overwhelmed by calls from friends and family expressing concern about the divorce petition filed by my husband. I would like to assure everyone that by the grace of God, I am fine. Thank you for your prayers, support and show of love”.

She continued, “It is unfortunate that a private family matter should now become a subject of public discussion. Everyone who knows me and everything I stand for will know that the unfortunate allegations against me cannot be true.”

They have been married for twenty-seven years with four children.

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  1. When Chelsea owner Abromovich divorced his wife, we didnt hear things like this, it was cool
    in Ghana they destroy each other to justify divorce.

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