Top 5 Trending Wine Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Who are the most important people in our lives? Of course close ones. The love and care we get from them can’t be explained in words. So it is natural for us to find some ideas to make them feel special.Which is why gifts play an important role here. If your loved ones are enthusiast of wine, then finding a suitable gift for them can be difficult. A bottle of wine goes well with a barbeque dinner. It can be an excellent gift for any occasion.  So, without further ado, here are five handpicked useful gifts for wine admirer.

  1. Winestein

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We feel more luxurious when we drink from a wine tumbler , but sometimes you want to relax and sip from a mug. Weinstein is a beer mug with a wine glass implanted inside. The double glass construction adds humor to any party. It is for the people who don’t want to drink in a fancy glass. This glass looks manly on the outside and has a classy wine stem on the inside. Due to the double-walled glass, it keeps the wine cool for longer. A sturdy, broad base prevents spills and splatter. This mug is more comfortable to hold than a wine glass due to its big handle. So, gift this beautiful glass to your loved ones and it will be a unique gift to them .

2. Wine Openers Set

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It doesn’t matter how expensive your wine bottle is, it becomes useless in the absence of a wine opener. What if you discover that your wine opener is damaged when you are about to open your bottle. Therefore, gift you close ones a wine opener. A wine opener set includes a foil cutter, corkscrew opener, stopper, pourer, thermometer, and a collar. Gift a high quality and stylish opener in a wooden box, which makes an elegant  gift. They are easy to use, simple, and guarantee the fast opening of a bottle without any force. Choose an opener that has a soft yet durable grip holder so that it can last long. There is an electric wine opener, too, that opens bottles within seconds. Overall, it’s an experience which deserves at-least a chance.

3. Wine Monkey Bottle Caddy

If it’s your spouse’s birthday is on the horizon, then, this might be the perfect gift. Just slip your red wine bottle into a Wine Monkey, and you’re covered. Wine monkey bottle caddy is made of red-heeled cotton-knit socks and fits easily into any regular bottle or sparkling juice, wine, or champagne. The knitted layers protect the bottle from any damage and keep it insulated.

4. Wall Wine Rack

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Wall-mounted wine rack saves a lot of space in your cupboard and adds as an interior decor item. They look sleek, and your wine collection looks like a wall-art. They are usually made using stainless steel, giving them a modern look and making them durable. The wine racks are available in sculptural patterns, vertical, and horizontal shapes. The vertical frame that holds wine bottles sideways securely is a handsome gift piece. It reveals your style and excites your home. You can also custom-make these racks with a personalized text, and changing the geometry. Wall wine rack gives a clear and orderly arrangement to your wine cellar. You can store the wine bottles horizontally, which is the best way to store wine. Gift a wine rack to your friend that is robust and moisture resistant.

5. Chain Wine Holder

Ever seen flying bottles even before getting drunk? A chain wine holder works on the principle of balance, creating a magical and wondrous floating delusion. Your wine bottle appears to be hovering in the magical forces of the nickel-plated twisted chain. It is a fitting gift for the wine experts who are enthusiasts for unique decorations. Trust us; your chain gift will be the most talked-about piece at the party. You can also DIY this solid chain holder. You will require access to a welding machine, suitable clothing, welding mask, and gloves. Use a steel chain of approx 3.5 feet, a spray paint, clear coat, and an empty wine bottle. Using the lid of a jar, arrange 17.5″ of the chain into a circle. Place the other part of the chain over a paint tin in a way that it’s nearly perpendicular, i.e., approx 85 degrees to the base. Now, weld the chain at the base together and some portion of the bottom link to give it a curvy look. At the top of the stem, adjust the chain into a circle of bottle diameter. Weld, the circle along with the dangling chain. Clean up the chain and using the spray paint, apply the paint. Once the paint is dry, apply another clear coat. Your Wine chain holder is ready for gifting.


The above are the five most fabulous gift ideas for any wine lover. Wine experiences are incomplete without excellent food pairing that brings out the flavors of wine and food. Wine goes best with dark chocolate, smoked fish, steak, and ham. Other than the above gifts, you can also buy your loved ones a personalized wine glass, wine-infused salt, or a chocolate-wine pairing kit. Any gift becomes more special when you make it yourself and make it personalized.

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