Top GH comedians act like mad men in upcoming movie

Social media has been buzzing after a video of Ghanaian actor, Akrobeto and comedians, Bismark the joke, Lawyer Ntim acting like mad men popped up.

After the video was posted by Bismark The Joke, Instagram users commented with a lot of them expressing their admiration for the comic actors.

In the video, Akrobeto, Bismark The Joke, Lawyer Ntim, Big Akwes and some known actors were seen acting like mad men.

The actors were captured making some funny sounds and actions in what seemed like a psychiatric hospital.

Bismark The Joke who posted the video hinted that such comic actions were done since they were on set shooting a movie.

There seem to be a lot of admiration for the comic actors with many people predicting that the movie they were acting will come out great.

The video attracted a lot of attention from social media users because such number of comic actors have not been seen on the same set for a long time.

To have over four comic actors in the same movie means there will be a lot of hilarious scenes in the movie. Akrobeto who is a veteran actor has thrilled Ghanaians to a lot of interesting movies over the years. In an interview, the actor lamented about how the movie industry has not been paying them enough.


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