Treat stroke as public health emergency – Stroke Assoc. to gov’t

The President of Stroke Association Support Ghana, Chief Dr. Ben S. Jubani has called on the government to consider stroke as one of the public health emergencies in order for it to gain much attention and to support people living with stroke since it is taking the lives many of Ghanaians.

Speaking at the Stroke Association Support Network Ghana seminar held at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra to discuss how best the situation could be addressed, Chief Dr. Jubani said they have collaborated with other international organizations to raise awareness about the issue of stroke, adding that it will be better for the government of Ghana to consider it as a public emergency.

On the future of the organization, he said the association is considering the establishment of the National Stroke Advisory Council.

“We will further set up some Community Rehabilitation Centres in all 275 Constituencies across the country among other plans which are keen on the vision of the Association,” he concluded.


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