Treat your “dirty” skin rashes – Achipalago jabs Shatta Wale

Dennis Anane, better known in the showbiz circles as Achipalago has lashed out at Shatta Wale questioning why he can’t treat his skin rashes despite his fat wallet.

Achipalago’s remarks is one of the many negative comments self-acclaimed dancehall king received after sharing a photograph of his new stylish haircut on Facebook .

The much talked about photograph showed the incredibly nice hair cut ‘decorated” with some razor bumps along hairline and neck of the “Kakai” hitmaker.

Soon after the photo hit social media, a popular critic of Shatta who goes by the name Achipalago launched an attacked on the dancehall act.

Though the bumps were not too obvious, Achipalago’s eagle-eye spotted the rashes at the back of his neck and decided to “punish” Shatta for it.

According to Achipalago, rich Shatta Wale should be the last person in the world to have razor bumps after running his mouth on how much wealth he has accrued from making hit songs.

For this reason, the Achi had just four words for Shatta…” Go treat your rashes”!

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