‘Trotro’ driver disembarks passengers to meet Shatta Wale

A driver who has identified himself as Liman Akwara shocked onlookers when he cut short his trip to meet his idol Shatta Wale at Hitz FM, Friday.

He was transporting a minibus full of passengers to Accra from Accra New Town when he made an abrupt stop in front of the Joy FM building because he saw the musician entering the premises.

In a bid to finally meet his icon, Limann left his car in the middle of the road and later directed his passengers to get down and ordered his conductor to return their fare to them.

A number of obviously angry passengers insulted him but he turned a deaf ear to their harsh words.

Mr Akwara who has tattooed the dancer singer on his back told Myjoyonline.com that he has been waiting for “this moment all my life”.

After drawing the attention members of Shatta Wale’s team, the starstruck driver was finally led to see the singer who was in the Hitz FM studio for an interview with Andy Dosty.

Overwhelmed with emotion, the driver broke in tears and prostrated before the musician who was happy to see him as well.

Mr Limann Akwara revealed that he lost his mother this morning but seeing Shatta Wale in person has assuaged his grief.


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