Turf war between Kwaku Manu and Nkonkonsa over cheating claims get’s ugly

Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu is displeased about certain publications about him recently – he has called out blogger Nkonkonsa for allegedly publishing lies about him concerning his divorce case.

In a video released on social media. Kwaku Manu disclosed that he has not confirmed to Nkonkonsa that he cheated on his wife but the blogger posted to his large following on Instagram that he cheated on his wife.

According to Nkonkonsa, he had a personal chat with Kwaku Manu following reports that he has divorced his U.S-based wife. He revealed in a post that Kwaku Manu didn’t want to say much about the case but he said that whatever he’s heard regarding his divorce is true.

However, Nkonkonsa put everything together including previous reports that Kwaku Manu cheated on his wife.

In a video, aggrieved Kwaku Manu has blasted Nkonkonsa for trying to tarnish his image for his personal gains.

Kwaku Manu went on to curse Nkonkonsa noting he might struggle to get money to look after his children if his wife gives birth again.

He noted that Nkonkonsa has been very quick to drag his name in the mud but when he recently faced a similar problem, he kept quiet and didn’t drag him about it because he considered him as a friend.

Kwaku Manu went on to reveal that Nkonkonsa did the same thing when Funny Face and his baby mama issue popped up but he handled it cool.

This time, Kwaku Manu has said Nkonkonsa is his enemy and not his friend.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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