Twene Jonas Is Unemployed That’s Why He Has Time To Fool Online – American Surgeon Archipalago Fires

Archipalago is on social media firing shots at Twene Jonas again.

According to the self employed American Surgeon, only unemployed fools have the time to waste on insulting leaders online.

He was addressing the growing trend of Ghanaians living abroad jumping live on their respective social media platforms to insult people.

Archipalago bluntly told Zionfelix that Twene Jonas in particular has a mental problem adding that no one in his right senses will act that way without provocation.

He said most of those people have no jobs and nothing sensible to offer in life so they are forced to believe causing trouble on social media is the only way to gain fulfillment and fame.

The braggart added that most of these people are broke with no jobs because no one will have time to fool around if they had a real job to do.

Ending his submission, Archipalago said such actions is disgracing the country to foreigners and although he has advised such people to stop their actions, it falls on deaf ears.

Video below.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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