Twitter gets interesting as ‘Yagyae’ tops trends

It is unclear who started the conversation, neither is it clear what triggered it. What is clear, however, is the interest people have shown in ‘Yagyae’ to communicate the things they have vowed to not do anymore particularly in relationships.

‘Yagyae’, is a Twi word which could be translated as ‘never again’, literally, ‘we’ve put a stop to it’.

Like the Akan adage, ‘Yede ye wo na annye wo ya a, yennyae wo faye’ – to wit, if you don’t express disgust over a treatment meted out to you, the doer will always take you for granted.

A lot goes into how people resolve to discontinue an act and these are evident in tweets with the ‘Yagyae’ hashtag. While some make such statements as a result of a series of disappointments they have been slapped with, others do so to discourage people’s continuous requests for assistance. Some of the tweets sighted by GhanaWeb project what some have described as annoying questions asked in relationships.

But there is a twist as some of the tweets seek to highlight some activities that are archaic hence need to be eroded from the system.

What makes the ‘Yagyae’ trend even more interesting is the use of dialogue and metaphor in the communication.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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