VGMA 2019: I don’t mind if Wendy Shay wins New Artiste – Kelvyn Boy

Afro beats singer Kelvyn Boy who is competing for VGMA 2019 artiste of the year has disclosed that he doesn’t mind if Wendy Shay or Eddie Khae wins because every nominated artiste is a winner.

This year’s VGMA is slated for May 18 and one category which is also the talk of town is the new artist of the year.

Speaking with Amansan Krakye on Cape Coast-based Radio Central, Kelvyn Boy who some critics think he deserves the new artiste award revealed that he wouldn’t be bothered if Wendy Shay wins.

“If Wendy Shay wins, she also deserves it. It’s only in Ghana that if you don’t win an award they see your career to be dead. It’s only in Ghana that when they nominate you and you don’t win they see you as loser. What about those who were not nominated?. Anyone that’s nominated is an automatic winner. If I win I know I deserve it. Last year I was the unsung artiste and we’ve been working. You know our own is different, live band, proper singing, lyrics”, he said.

He also added that the fans have a say in who will win since they are ones voting.

“But it all depends on the choice of the people. So it could me or Wendy Shay. Maybe you think it’s between Wendy Shay and I but it could Eddie Khae too. Because Eddie Khae too is really good and he is on there too”, he added.

Kevyn Boy also lamented on how some Ghanaians mock artists if they don’t win an award and think the career of the artist has ended.

“It’s possible for anyone to win. In every competition everyone wants win so it doesn’t mean when u don’t win you are a loser. That mentality is worrying us. So if you don’t win an award people think that’s your downfall”, he lamented.


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