Video: FIFA does not recognize current FA administration- Godfred Dame

A Deputy Attorney General is claiming the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) does not recognize the current football association.

Godfred Dame insists the football governing body is so unhappy with the current state of the FA that the three-man delegation sent to Ghana to help fix Ghana football did not even bother to have the embattled FA members take part in their meeting with government.

He was responding to comments made by Randy Abbey on Joy FM’s Newsfile programme that government erred in its attempt to dissolve the FA.

While commending the government for the initial steps it took to reorganize Ghana football after the Number 12 debacle, the former GFA spokesperson Randy Abbey said the final decision by the government to dissolve the FA is a wrong step taken.

“I am against the liquidation of the GFA,” Randy Abbey said and “I support the GFA’s response” which is to resist an attempt by the government to dissolve the FA.

He argued the GFA as a collective entity cannot be blamed for corruption but there are individuals within the FA who are corrupt and who must be dealt with.

Liquidating an entire entity because of corruption is not the way to go, he added.

But the Deputy Attorney General said the former GFA spokesperson’s comments are “unfounded and untenable.”

“It is quite clear from the statement jointly signed by FIFA and the government of delegation, a member of which I was, that FIFA does not even recognize the current FA administration…” he said.

According to him, FIFA had initially wanted to meet the FA in Ghana but when its three representatives arrived in Ghana, they decided it was not worth it.

“It is important to note that the invitation for the meeting was extended by FIFA. Initially, they had indicated they wanted to meet with the members of the FA first then meet with the government. On arrival in Ghana they decided that was a wrong idea. They abandoned the idea because as far as they are concerned they do not want to legitimize the operations of this FA administration,” he stated.

The Deputy Attorney General reported the FIFA reps as saying “that GFA, as it currently constituted is not in a position to continue running football administration in Ghana.”

The three FIFA representatives led by FIFA Director, Africa & the Caribbean, Veron Mosengo-Omba met with the Sports Minister Isaac Asiamah, Information Minister Mustapha Hamid and other key government functionaries, Friday, to chart a new path the development of football in Ghana.

In a four-point joint statement issued after the meeting, the parties agreed that “both FIFA and the Ghanaian government have a zero tolerance for corruption, criminality and all other forms of illegality.

“That government of Ghana has the right to enforce its national laws against criminal conduct and illegality,” the statement said.

They have also agreed to put in place an interim team to manage football in this transition period after the ban and resignation by former FA president Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi who was captured on camera by an undercover journalist, collecting some monies and demanding some $11 million ostensibly to be given to Ghana's president and Vice president and other government functionaries.

He has been charged with defrauding by false pretense after persons mentioned in the video denied any knowledge of such a deal.

Nyantakyi in a statement apologized to the president, vice but has rejected claims of bribery and corruption.

Godfred Dame told Newsfile host Samson Lardy Anyenini, the FA has become a "symbol of corruption and criminality" and the government has every right to dissolve any entity which becomes a vehicle for corruption.

When he was asked what the state of the  Dr. Kofi Amoah led five-member committee was, the Deputy AG said that committee ceased to exist because one of the members, Cudjoe Fianoo resigned.

He added the committee was never duly inaugurated to function and so together with FIFA the government will find an interim measure to run the administration of football.

But Randy Abbey said the comments about FIFA not recognizing the FA cannot be true and its unfair to the FIFA representatives who attended Friday's meeting.

Quoting excerpts of the joint statement signed by FIFA and government, Randy Abbey said there is nowhere FIFA stated it would not recognize the FA.

He said for a Federation that has for years frowned on any interference by government, it would be surprising that its officials would abandon the FA completely in a discussion with the government on the way forward about Ghana football.

Watch excerpts of the Newsfile interactions




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