We are planning something special for my fans – Efya

Singer Efya has hinted she is planning something extraordinary for her fans in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The songstress who just released her first single in 2020, ‘Pricelezz’ said she loves her fans and she has not forgotten them.

In an interview with Becky on the Showbiz Segment on JoyNews Prime Efya said there is so much music to give to her followers

“We love our fans so much. We are definitely planning something very special for everybody that is at home. I think we just want to plan it well so that we do it the right way.

“There is so much music to give if we are doing a virtual concert we are probably going to go for a couple of hours so we want to get ready,” she stated. 

The “Forgeting me’ singer said before she holds her virtual concert, she would need to rehearse for about two weeks to be ready.

“I would not want to do anything shady because I love my fans and I will always bring them the best especially when it comes to performances so just give me a little time, I’m trying to put it together but definitely we would Jam.” She hinted.

Efya also said she has had to suspend travels because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer also praised government for what the measures they have been taking in the fight againt the virus.

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