We mustn’t lose our traditional seats – NPP

The General Secretary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr John Boadu, has charged its members to work hard to ensure the party wins all of its traditional seats in the country.

According to Mr Boadu, there are certain constituencies that are strongholds of the party which must not be lost.

One such stronghold, he mentioned, is the Tolon Constituency in the Northern Region.

Speaking to the branch, constituency and regional executives of the NPP at Tolon over the weekend during the inauguration of a constituency office complex, Mr Boadu said the people must strive towards maintaining the tradition the forebears of the party struggled to build.

He noted that many people have sacrificed their lives in order for the Danquah-Dombo-Busia tradition to thrive in the country and, therefore, it is now the turn the current generation to also contribute their quota to enhance what he described as a “wonderful tradition”.

Mr Boadu also urged supporters of the party to shun making demands for money anytime they are given an assignment. “You send somebody to do something small for the party, he starts asking for money; you send somebody to work a little for the party, he says give me something. This is not the foundation. This is not what our forebears did. People have died for this party. It’s now our turn to contribute our quota to make sure this our wonderful party thrives”.

Mr Boadu urged peace within the constituency during the parliamentary primaries, adding that: “We are going to win this traditional seat of ours again.”

For his part, the Northern regional chairman of the party, Baantima Samba urged the youth to be patient with the party, as everyone will get the opportunity to benefit from the government’s flagship programmes.

Mr Abdul Malik Alhassan, one of the party’s financiers in the Tolon constituency, singlehandedly sponsored the construction of the edifice, which has a conference hall and adjoining offices.

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