We need more of Dr. Tony Aidoos in Ghana

I love people in mainstream politics who can talk like Dr. Aidoo. No one can fight the truth and win. We need more Tony Aidoos in our body politic.

There’s too much “hot air” being blown by our political parties and somehow they manage to brainwash young people with juicy promises of political appointments upon winning power, and most of our young people, being loyal to such “big people” is the only means to guarantee themselves a means for survival, at least, for some 8 years, in the not too distant future. Unfortunately, because most of the promises of politicians are not premised on proper policy and programme direction, our country has been suffering from stunted growth, in the last 25-30 years especially.

Political parties magically develop good eyes and are able to see better in opposition. Once they are voted into power, they got drunk on power and begin to show signs and symptoms of “blindness”. I pray we’d have a magic potion to deal with this strange blindness that shows up only when parties win power. I’d hope we’d have a herbalist with a magic potion for this special type of blindness.

I pray more young people will begin to break free from the mentality of supporting and holding on to a political idea just because it is a respected member of their party, even when it’s clear the idea is not going to serve the best interest of the masses. Ideas that come to our politicians must be subjected to proper review and scrutinization, in order to refine and turn them into high impact policies and programmes that will go to the benefit the entire citizenry. That’s what we must expect from our political parties. Anything short of that should bring us to the point that Dr. Tony Aidoo has reached. Politicians must not be allowed to toil with our nation any longer.

Many of those in politics are only doing so just to grow their bank accounts and increase the size of their bellies, with our taxes. Sadly, the youths, whose future some of these politicians are peddling with, have become so brainwashed and deceived by their political icons, they hardly have the brains to understand that their tomorrow is being played with.

Just this morning, I heard Mr. Afriyie Ankrah, former Youth and Sports minister advocating for a legal regime that will limit private persons from sponsoring the electoral campaigns of political parties. Government officials he said, sometimes intentionally pass questionable deals just to help these people to recoup what they invested in the parties. The following words reportedly came out of his own mouth.

“Check all the corruption related cases; from BOST to whatever, check, it is linked to campaign financing; there is always a financier there. Why do you think we are foolish people? Why is it that sometimes you ask yourself that ‘which sensible person will sign this contract, or will agree to this deal?’ Have you asked yourself that question? It is because our hands are tied,” he said Tuesday, at the auditorium of the University of Ghana Law School.

Speaking this morning on the Super Morning Show on Joy FM, Afriyie Ankrah revealed that one of the tasks given him in 2014 by then President John Mahama as Youth and Sports Minister, was to clean up the mess in GYEEDA. However, “the people that supported you, funded you, …are the ones you have to deal with.”

He said, dealing with those people also bring a lot of pressure both from the political party in government as well as from the opposition party since such persons usually spend on the activities of the two major political parties- NDC and the NPP.

“People who have given you T-shirts and money and other things and now you are dealing with them. It was almost unconscionable but it had to be done and in the process, some of us almost lost our lives”. Why are we doing these to ourselves?

This is the kind of political environment we’ve created for ourselves. How can we experience real transformation with this kind of behavior? You will find it hard becoming relevant in your own party if you’re the type that is outspoken like Dr. Tony Aidoo is noted for. I’m happy to hear Mr. Afriyie Ankrah speaking like he did this morning. More and more people should be bold to speak about the ills of our politics and if possible be bold to report unscrupulous individuals, whose only goal is to grow their bellies and fill their bank accounts. We have to come to a point where people will think twice before accepting a political appointment. I don’t believe in communism but sometimes I wish we have a system like what is practiced in China, where a public official can be executed for stealing public money or involving in any form of corrupt practice. Our country has been milked by “political vampires” for far too long.

Just today, I was super excited upon reading a report by the Bank of Ghana (BoG) indicating that the oil sector has overtaken cocoa in foreign exchange earnings since January, this year. And this, according to the BoG, is attributed to increased production from the Jubilee Fields and the coming on board of TEN and Sankofa Gye Nyame.

Total oil export receipts from January to August alone amounted to over $ 12 billion while cocoa gave us receipts above $ 8 billion. These kinds of monies we’re making as a country will amount to nothing if policymakers don’t focus on finding proper and time-tested ways to put them to use for the benefit of every Ghanaian. It is for important matters like these, that I believe, Dr. Tony Aidoo has decided not to attend NDC conferences, as he’s seen the usual clamoring for power as the main reason for such gatherings. I know many people in his party will hate him for speaking like this but I see a man that is willing to stand by the truth, which is very exemplary.

The more we develop our politics to accommodate people with the line of thinking of Dr. Tony Aidoo, the better it will be for the sustained development and progress of our country. We need to discourage “foot soldierism” and encourage young people to develop their skills in understanding that, at the end of the day, we can have all monies coming to our country from our mineral exports but it will take governments to develop the right policies and programmes to move Ghana from its current state to a level we can all be proud of. It is only in having proper programmes and policies that our nation will be able to see proper development, and a bright future for our children and their children.

Arise Ghana youth for your country. The nation demands your devotion. We must all be involved in whatever way we can; students, lecturers, teachers, pastors, think tanks, CSOs, CBOs, youth associations, chiefs, etc. Ghana must change.

Thank you Dr. Tony Aidoo. Don’t ever attend to such a conference until your people are willing to listen to you.

Good evening.
#Ilovemycountry #IfollowGhana

Source: Lawrence Kpakpo Acquaye

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