We shouldn’t tolerate ‘Tramadol-induced’ ranting by Asiedu Nketia

It is a historically known fact that the NDC has never missed any opportunity to show to Ghanaians they are nation wreckers.

Political watchers will all attest to the fact that, they have even superintended bloody regimes before in this country.

So, subversive statements such as those by General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia are not only recipe for causing instability in the country; but also goes on to reveal their acts of resistance to national development.

Ever since the National Identification project was launched, the NDC has demonstrated in various ways their disparate posture to the successful implementation of the project and has sustained this anti-Ghana Card registration crusade in diverse ways but have failed.

It therefore comes as no surprise that Asiedu Nketia, has descended to the level where he appears to be encouraging ‘Tramadol Users’ to kick against the National Identification Authority’s NIA effort to create a common identity card for all citizens.

Let’s not forget that the bill for this project was laid before Parliament and was approved unanimously by both the majority and minority in Parliament. It clearly states the documents to be provided as proof of nationality for registrants are birth certificates and passports.

The Law goes on to make provision for those without these documents to be registered by providing two guarantors to vouch for their citizenship.

It is therefore, disingenuous on their part to sit through all these exercises and afterwards make persistent and conscious attempts to undermine the Ghana Card registration process.

This clearly reveals their true colors as a party that destroys and not one that builds. These threats resonate in the minds of Ghanaians; as well as many other war threatening sentiments that has emanated from them in the past.

The statements of Asiedu Nketia are more dangerous than that of Koku Anyidoho which recently landed him trouble with the police. These irresponsible statements must never be entertained and more importantly dealt with before it gains deep roots.

Edmund Kyei
First Vice Chairman
Asokwa Constituency
NPP Communication Team Member

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