We were sleeping at dawn when some men came for my husband, beat him and bṳrnt him alive – Widow

In a traditional family wedding, Mrs. Dawson wedded the late Francis Dawson. The pair resided in Kaemebre, a Kasoa suburb located in the Central region.

Mrs. Dawson believes it is past time for the rest of the world to learn of her husband’s death, Mr. Francis Dawson. Inspector General of Police George Akufo Dampare was also pleading with the widow to intervene promptly and bring her late husband’s killers to justice

Before his death, Mr. Francis Dawson worked as a television and other electronics repairer in Kasoa. At the time, he was 35 years old.

The widow informed journalists from United Television and Capital Television that she and her husband were asleep when they were woken up by some young men in CPA uniforms who crashed into them at daybreak.

” They demanded that my spouse be taken to a local police station for questioning. Mrs Dawson cried as she related, “I insisted on knowing the precise police station and his offense, but they shrugged me off.”

“They kept beating him as they carried him away right in front of me,” Mrs Dawson claimed.

” Efforts to locate my husband in the morning were useless because he was not in the custody of any of the police stations. Later, we learned that a young man had been killed and burned in Nyanyano, a Kasoa neighborhood,” Mrs Dawson continued, her eyes welling up with sorrow.

“We rushed there to find my husband, whom I last saw alive at dawn, murdered and burned beyond recognition,” she sobbed uncontrollably.

“Have you gone beyond recognition?” “How did you figure out it was your husband?” Mrs Dawson was questioned by the journalists.

” I was able to recognize him thanks to a section of his shirt that wasn’t burned. He was dressed in that exact shirt. “Oh my God, they murdered my spouse,” she sobbed.

“IGP Dampare, please help us obtain justice,” she cried as she sobbed in front of the cameras.

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