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We would’ve lost lives if Police had arrested me – Sosu

The Member of Parliament for Madina, Francis Xavier Sosu believes there would have been bloodshed if the police had succeeded in arresting him during the protest in his constituency.

He feared his arrest may have resulted in uncontrollable violence and possible loss of lives on the back of a standoff.

“On the day that the Police wanted to arrest me at the demonstration if they’d succeeded maybe we would have lost lives. So i believe that it is even divine for us to be where we are today,” he said in an interview with GHOne on Wednesday.

He reiterated that the several attempts by the police to arrest him were unlawful and without legal basis, and had since applied through his Lawyers to set aside the charges against him.

Madina MP Francis-Xavier Sosu filed a motion at the high court on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 in a bid to stop his “unlawful” arrest by the police.

Mr Sosu, a human rights lawyer, has prayed the court for the enforcement of his right to freedom of movement, right to protest and demonstrate, right to personal liberty, right to freedom of expression, and right against unlawful arrest and malicious prosecution.

Accompanying the motion is an injunction application to restrain the police from any further attempt to arrest him until the human rights court makes a determination on the matter.

“An order that the attempt by the officers of the respondent to arrest me on 28th October 2021 without telling me the reasons for the arrest, was unlawful,” the motion said.

Mr Sosu filed the motion on Tuesday, 16 November 2021.

The matter is to be heard on Monday, 13 December 2021.


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