Weah’s ‘Governance System’ poor – Liberian opposition leader

The political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander Benedict Cummings, yesterday lashed at what he called ‘President George Weah’s poor governance system’ which he said is taking the country backward.

Cummings, a former executive at the Coca-Cola company and a major contender in the 2017 Representative and Presidential elections, said on the Costa Show that Weah is ‘visionless and careless’ about how the country’s appalling situations may change in the six years entrusted to him and his team of officials.

“The economy is so bad and it is clearly known that President Weah is running the country without any sense of direction. His government is working as if it does not have a plan through which its development agenda can be executed,” he claimed.

Cummings said until corruption is tackled by Weah’s administration as he promised the nation at his inaugural address on January 22, 2018, no amount of effort will yield any good for the country under his leadership.

“The culture of impunity has to come to an end. Why should Weah and his employees be in so much hurry to acquire all the luxuries, mainly in their first year of governance while the majority of the people are suffering to have access to the basic social services they deserve? This must stop, seriously,” he said in an unapologetic voice.

He said one of the reasons why there are too many lapses in the CDC government is because there are too many incompetent individuals appointed to positions they do not have the ability, skills, and minds to serve.

“Because they are incompetent, they are pleased and comfortable in their broad day stealing of what belongs to the majority of the population,” he alleged.

The ANC political leader alleged that the President is spending the country’s money for his personal gains but he will not benefit from those investments tomorrow due to the poor economic system.

“Every Liberian should be upset by this. There is so much ineptitude and lack of signs to assure the people that the real change voted for will truly be realized.

“It is true that there is a high level of ineptitude because, for the President himself, coming up at a Church ceremony to tell the country that ‘when the incompetent are not available the non-competent takes care. And that he Weah is the non-competent, is a complete embarrassment for us as a people,” Cummings said.

He said there is a complete degradation in the governance system of Liberia and if care is not taken the country might reverse in its gains more than what it may seem like in the eyes of those he called short-sighted followers of politics.

“There is too much arrogance in this government and carelessness about the consequences that may follow. They have led to our country being relegated among the comity of nations in just less than a year,” he said.

Concerning government’s release of a report on the alleged missing L$16 billion dollars and the economic and war crimes court’s establishment in the country, Cummings said he is in full support of punishment for wrongdoing and reward for good results.

“Justice is very vital if there should come development. I fully support what the Liberian people want and that is the right thing to do to move the country forward. The government has to release the report on the investigation conducted on the missing money, even though we doubt it that it will be a perfect report. It is the people’s money,” he said.

He said things will continue to be bad because of the way the country is now run by the CDC government.

According to him, there will be no direct foreign investment in the country if the government does not create the impression from hard and realistic work that it is safe to invest in the country.

“What I can say to the Liberian people is that your suffering is tied to the rampant broad day stealing now being carried out on your nation’s resources by Weah led government. I speak facts and I don’t only criticize but suggest solutions. The only thing is that they are not taking our pieces of advice,” he said.

Cummings said the CDC government is not a change in approach but a reaction to increasing problems and hopelessness.

“I am disappointed, I am angry,” he said, adding that he is frustrated over President Weah’s choice of private jet planes to make foreign travels and spending over a million United States dollars in just less than a year on those travels alone without anything much to show for them.

He said access to history in the country by succeeding governments is bad and that is responsible for the repeat of the same mistakes.

Cummings said he is willing to work with a team of other opposition blocks in a formidable coalition for 2023 but the decision will not be reached with those who are not ready for the deal to unseat CDC at the ballot box.

When he phoned in, Montserrado County Electoral District #10 Rep. Yekeh Kolubah said knowing that the CDC led government can no longer be trusted to bring solutions to critical national issues he will, going forward be writing the international community and organizations to expose the weakness of the government.

“I have written some letters already and they will be sent to ECOWAS, AU, and UN. The international community will be the one to whom we will now be extending our complaints on the poor governance system of our country. This is the only way forward because all efforts to put this government to its feet for the interest of our people have proven nothing good,” he said.

Several other callers phoned in and took side with Cummings and the talk show host Henry Costa who recently parted company with President Weah and his officials of government.

Source: The Observer

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