We’ll create jobs for the youth – Newly formed political party

The Newly formed Ghana Union Movement says it will provide jobs for the teeming unemployed youth in the country if it wins the 2020 polls.

The leader of the party, Rev Christian Kwabena Andrews, who is also the founder of the life Assembly worship center, said despite the rapid youthful population growth, the lack of support for young people going into entrepreneurship, and unattractiveness of the agricultural sector is a major huddle in the creation of jobs for them.

“look at the people on the street, in the traffic light and others, we will try to come out with a system that we are going to work it out for them to get work to do,” Leader of the party, Rev Kwabena Andrews said at a news conference.

“We will give them free education and when they go out, there is nothing out there for them to do. We should rather train them from the cradle and then we start building factories and things for them so that by the time they complete school, they will be occupied,” he added.

The Ghana Union movement has been licensed by the electoral commission to join the numerous parties that will wrestle the NPP for power come 2020.


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