Wendy Shay bursts unto fans in “wow snaps” on social media

Whether a fan or not,Wendy Shay is arguably one of the hottest females in the industry right now. She has been releasing songs that have been soaked up by the population countless times. Although people initially hesitated to give her support when she first came on the music scene. Understandably so,because her late label mate,Ebony Reigns,was a national favorite as well.

Wendy Shay is a professional practitioner of midwifery in Germany, however she relocated somewhat permanently to Ghana after she signed to Rufftown Records.

Her most recent look is these beautiful blonde locks she has on,which she debuted in her latest heat song.

She had won quite a number of awards, and as already stated, is one of the hottest female talents in the game right now.

She's verified on Twitter and has more than 2 million followers on Instagram.

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By: Nes Savage 

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