What do you offer Ghana apart from your huge breasts? – Delay to Pamela Watara

Pamela Watara, the lady who has become famous for the size of her breasts has been hit by fresh criticisms for the consistent public display of her assets, ABC News Ghana can report.

She was placed on the hot seat of the Delay Show when she was hosted as guest for the recent episode on Sunday.

Pamela Watara is noted for displaying her huge breasts and private body parts on social media, each time coming under public condemnation.

Recently, leaked video tapes of her having having oral sex and playing with some private parts went viral on social media and some porn sites.

Her continuous act seems to have enraged host of the Delay Show, Deloris Frimpong Manso who sought to find out what her relevance to society is, of course, except for the use a number of men have for her huge breasts.

The host was taken aback that a lady with such ‘God given gifts’ and beauty to attract decent suitors will hop from one man to another having indiscriminate sex and putting her nude pictures and videos out there.

In the latest episode of The Delay Show monitored by ABC News Ghana, Delay quizzed, “Pamela, do you know you are pretty and have a body to attract any man of your choice?”

“Apart from your breasts, what again are you offering to Ghana, to the society?” she asked rather curiously.

Pamela Watara was however quick to reject the claim of promiscuity the host of the show sought to suggest with her question by saying she has only allowed just ‘a few men’ to ‘use’ her, in sharp contrast to the rather huge number of men who are desperate to have a bite of her ‘cherry’.

She added that as a way of contributing to society, she is preparing a reality show to be aired on Television in the near future.

Currently, she claims, the show is uploaded unto online platforms particularly YouTube.

“I am working on some reality show, it is on YouTube for now. It will soon be on TV. And I am also doing some promos,” Pamela Watara stated on the Delay Show monitored by ABC News Ghana

She clarified that she is of good health and sees her doctor frequently despite having affairs with numerous men.

Pamela Watara has admitted to sleeping with at least 10 men before she turned 21. She is currently 23.


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