What Stops Right Thinking Speaker From Standing Up Aagainst an Alien Culture in Ghana?

I doff my hat out to the Speaker of Parliament, RT Hon Alban Bagbin for sticking his neck out in condemning the sacrilege of LGBTQ+ and protecting the sanctity of the Ghanaian moral fabric in the face of a huge backlash from so-called and self acclaimed human rights activists.

It is unfortunate that H Kwesi Prempeh with his academic and professional laurels as a Lawyer had the moral courage to call out the Speaker and attempt to gag him by disagreeing with the Speaker’s decision to speaking boldly and loudly against the evil practices of LGBTQ+ knowing very well that the Ghanaian society frowns upon it.

The RT Hon Speaker himself a lawyer, has championed the cause of the just and good in society through out his public service life as a parliamentarian and nothing ever sways him away from upholding the right things in society.

It is a fact that a vast majority of Ghanaians are eager to see a legislation that will effectively outlaw the activities of LGBTQ+ and nib their activities in the bud to stop them from winning over many more unsuspecting youth especially.

RT Hon Alban Bagbin undoubtedly has the unflinching support and backing of the majority of Ghanaians who frown upon and detest the activities of those engaged in LGBTQ+. H Kwesi Prempeh is entitled to his view whether personal or professional on the posture of the RT Hon Speaker but he should be reminded that the Speaker is a Man of Great Moral Conscience occupying a very enviable position where so much is expected him.

I urge the RT Hon Speaker to facilitate and expedite action on the proposed legislation and disregard the attempts by people like H. Kwesi Prempeh to be heard just for the sake of it. Any such legislation will go a long way to enhancing the county’s fight against the growing canker of LGBTQ+.




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