Where is the revenue aggressively collected by PDS? – Pratt asks

Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jr has questioned the Akufo Addo- led government about the revenues it gathered from the defunct, Power Distribution Service, (PDS).

The veteran journalist’s remark follows outcry from the public over the erratic power supply in the country recently.

Deliberating on a number of issues leading to prevailing conditions in the energy sector on Metro TV’s “Good Morning Ghana” show on Wednesday, he indicated that a national dialogue ought to be employed to resolve the power problems once and for all.

“I predicted the return of Dumsor some years back, when the indebtedness of government to VRA and GRIDCo made headlines. But with the coming of PDS, I thought the situation would have been resolved.

“We heard PDS aggressively chasing defaulting consumers for debt incurred over months of using electricity. How much was collected over all? Where is that money? The energy sector levy was another outlet to generate revenue to be pumped into the sector, but we do not know what became of that too. So, this erratic power situation is beyond NPP and NDC. It is about time we found sustainable solutions to this problem,” he observed.

He added that if Mahama had won power in the 2020 elections, the rhetoric would have been that “incompetent John Mahama has brought back Dumsor”.

“Now that the power situation has returned under the Nana Addo-led administration, do we then say that the energy issue has been brought back by the incompetence of Nana-Addo?” he quizzed.

In furtherance of his argument, Mr Pratt called on the authorities to release a time table for power rationing as the sudden unannounced outages is destroying people’s gadgets.

“We are currently experiencing power outages every now and then, but authority will not release a timetable claiming that what we are experiencing now is not dumsor. People’s expensive equipment are getting spoilt, so they must release the time table to save people from losing their valued assets,” he averred.

The outspoken journalist added that though, he has been hearing reports that the situation could linger till six months’ time, he doesn’t see why the powers there be cannot resolve it earlier than November.

“Lack of liquidity is not the only issue, but the issue of faulty equipment too has to be addressed. So, government should stop politicizing the issue and chart a path that will romp in experts regardless of political colours to remedy the situation once and for all,” he said.

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