Why Businesses Must Start Using Electronic Signature Software

Description: We take a look at how businesses can improve their efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction by implementing electronic signature software in their daily procedures. The benefits and drawbacks are weighed to present a clearer picture of what the modern software solution brings to the table.

A Modern Software Solution for a Fast-Paced Environment

If you work at a business company, the thought of paperwork might just send a shiver down your spine. The bureaucracy that is involved in implementing even the most straightforward official changes can become a tedious and prolonged task. In our day and age, having to send around scanned paper documents to verify signatures seems like a heavily outdated concept. It takes away time and resources from the efficiency of making business decisions in the fast-paced environment we live in. 

It might sound like a familiar situation: you worked on a project for days or weeks at a time, with the deadline being just around the corner. On your side, everything is done and ready. Still, the document has to be sent over for a signature that legitimizes the procedure. Such situations can eat away at one’s nerves entirely unnecessarily. You might find yourself sitting and refreshing your email, waiting on a scanned document as if a treasure truck is about to pull in. 

These times are about to be over with the emergence of electronic signature software. Even though it is not a novel concept as such, e-signature software is not yet implemented as widely as it deserves to be. 

It might seem like a trivial change to some. Still, the government of Vernon calculated that the use of signature software cut the approval times of contracts by a staggering 75%. That means hours of administrative tasks turned to mere minutes with just a simple technological switch. Not only do electronic signature software solutions save time, but they bring a myriad of additional benefits.


The use of electronic signature software makes officiating documents more comfortable than ever. Once a document is uploaded, a link is generated and sent to the recipient, who can sign the paper with a click. In today’s world, where time is money, your recipient can approve documents on the fly if only he has the necessary iOS or android apps installed.  

Quick Turnaround

The speed and efficiency of using digital signature software make it far quicker than the old way of going about things. Having to send, print, scan, and sign a document, including the repetition of the process for multiple parties, it takes a significant amount of time and resources. Alternatively, an e-signature can take just a few seconds.

Money saver

Switching to electronic signatures can save you a significant amount of money annually. Not only will you use less paper, but it will also allow us to cut down on maintenance and printing expenses. Over time these costs add up and can amount to a good chunk, depending on the size of your operations. The environment will appreciate it too!


Things are always moving towards faster and better ways to achieve results. If only all organizations implemented the use of electronic signature software, it would improve internal business operations and the transactions between companies and their customers. Deals may be finalized in a shorter amount of time and thus allow for smarter and more efficient use of resources. Also, keeping track of paper documents can become a hefty task with many clients at hand. Modern large or small business-software is a cheap way to make accounting a lot less time consuming by ditching superfluous paperwork

Happy Customers

Happy customers are of utmost importance for any business to keep thriving. By allowing them to sign documents via touch id or email signature software from the comfort of their smart device shows that you respect their time and freedom. It established your business as an up-to-date organization that keeps up with the quickest ways of making transactions as smooth as possible. 

Fast Decision Making

In a situation where crucial decisions have to be delayed due to multiple documents having to be signed, every minute is essential. The more time it takes to sign a specific document, the more time it takes to implement decisions into action. In a fast-paced environment, such delays might have significant repercussions. When there is a smaller gap between bureaucracy and putting ideas into real life, things are sure to become snappier. They will allow your business to be more adaptive on the fly.

Increased Security

 Simple paper documents are not very hard to forge. Therefore it is not the most professional way to go about essential business operations. Electronic signatures are tailored to provide a secure approach when handling documents. The technology involves high-end protocols and encryption that ensures things go through smoothly. The fact that a user’s fingerprints are permanently embedded within a specific document makes it a lot easier to catch when someone tries to maliciously meddle with it.  


Modern large and small business accounting software can be a handy game-changer in how well you manage the workings of your company daily. Using electronic signatures in your operations is an easy way to make various transactions paperless and far more efficient. There is not much that speaks for hanging on to the old model. In contrast, a whole lot of benefits indicate that e-signatures increase security, efficiency, and comfort. The future looks to be paperless, and that is for the great advantage of business owners and customers alike. 

We would love to hear what you think of electronic signature software and its implications. Do you personally use it regularly? If so, how has it benefited you?

About the author: 

 Thomas Quarry is a computer science graduate who is an avid enthusiast of the global economic and political landscape. His hobby, as well as his second job, is treasure hunting. Twice a year he goes on an expedition. He owns two underwater drones and has gone on multiple treasure hunting trips in the last few years.

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