Why some NIA centres are telling applicants there are no ID application forms

The National Identification Authority (NIA) has discounted claims by some of its registration officers that there are no National Identity Card Application Forms or Oath of Identity Forms at some registration centres.

In a press statement issued by Francis Palmdeti, the Head of Corporate Affairs, the NIA said it has come to its attention that some prospective applicants are being turned away even though the centres have enough of those forms in stock.

It said any contrary claim by an NIA registration official is “untrue, and may be a pretext to justifying improper conduct such as extortion of monies from desperate applicants at that registration centre.”

“Claims of shortage of forms at a registration centre can only be artificial or pretextual, and constitutes misinformation of the public and unfair treatment of prospective applicants.”

Below is a copy of the statement


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