Why You Must Change Your Damaged Electrical Cord Immediately?

Electricity is an essential requirement for many people and organizations, especially manufacturing companies around the world. The electrical safety of an individual’s assessment occurs before companies receive their licenses to carry out operations, especially if using electricity. However, electrical fatalities continue to increase with individuals in different workplaces being more at risk.  

However, this does not exclude different accidents and other fatalities that occur at home due to faulty electrical cords or power cables. Leaving a defective cord or plugin for others to use may result in fatal accidents and severe consequences. To avoid such situations, you must replace your damaged electrical cords immediately after identifying the fault or damage. 

Here are several reasons that emphasize the importance of replacing power cords. 

Protect Users from Electrocution 

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Whether it is at home or in the office, an electrical plug or cord is continuously in use by different people. At home, your children, spouse, or even house help consistently use the same cables to accomplish their daily responsibilities. They need to charge their phones, laptops, use the fridge and toasters, among others. 

With a faulty power cable, electrocution occurs very easily. Electrical shocks continue to increase with studies indicating that 20% of all electrical injuries occur to toddlers and young adolescents with over 30,000 reports of such injuries in the United States alone. Also, it shows that over 1000 deaths in a single year result from electrical injuries. Four hundred of the deaths are as a result of high voltage or current flows through the damaged power cable.

Understanding the dangers that faulty cords can cause, you should aim at employing safety measures in your house or workplace. Install a GFCI or the ground fault circuit interrupter that switches off electricity once it determines the wire or cable is defective. Use child safety electrical wall plates to protect both the young adults and young toddlers from electrocution. 

Prevent Electrical Fires 

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Defaults are not always visible to the naked eye. Faulty cords may result in overheating or different appliances and the cable itself. As a result, anything the wires or devices are in contact with may catch fire resulting in an electrical fire. 

Electrical fires burn hot and are difficult to extinguish, especially if you do not have fire-extinguishers in the house. They are burning through sensitive areas of electrical appliances causing widespread heating damaging not only the machine but also the whole property, including other assets such as furniture. Besides, they can cause explosions as they burn through the cover coats or as the combustion within a device goes beyond average temperatures. 

For safety purposes against electrical fires, ensure you have a fire extinguisher that is carbon-based at home or work. You cannot use water on an electrical fire as water is a good conductor of electricity, and you may end up making the situation much worse. Also, switch off the power before proceeding to extinguish the fires. The practice ensures that the electricity does not continue to burn, and once the fire is out primarily on the other items that have caught fire, e.g. carpets furniture, etc. 

Protect your appliances 

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Your electrical gadgets are expensive to acquire. Protecting their durability is an essential factor if you aim at avoiding such an expense in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to replace too old power cords with new, efficient, and quality power cords

Faulty cords can make the device or equipment sluggish or slow, especially in the case of a computer or laptop. It can result in shocks with simple touches on specific areas of your machine. Low electrical current delivery that does not power your equipment fully indicates a faulty or low-quality cable such that your computer turns on and off continuously. Besides, using the wrong power outlet or wrong extension cord such as a light-duty cord with a piece of heavy-duty machinery can result in damaging effects such as electrocutions, machinery damage, and even electrical fires. 

To avoid such a situation, examine the outlets before plugging in your extension cable. Look at the quality of your electrical cord and its manufacture use before purchasing it. Conduct test runs with your appliances instead of plugging them in and starting the application immediately. With test runs, you get the assurance of its electrical safety, proper functional status of the machinery, and ensure personal safety from electrical damage. 

Avoid Chances of Power Loss

Faulty electrical cables can cause power loss due to surges that affect the entire electrical system of the house. Identifying such defective requires continuous monitoring of your power systems, such as bulb lighting. For instance: are the light bulbs dimmer than usual, lights up or dulls all over sudden in a frequent manner. Such changes can result in power loss due to the creation of an electrical surge in the electrical wires.

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Since the power cord is unable to regulate the electrical, current flowing through it, you may experience bulb explosions when the current is high. However, when the current is low, the lights dim, plunging your home or office into darkness. Also, such electrical surges can result in the tripping of the power switch resulting in power loss. On the extreme, it may interfere with your electrical wiring and cause damage that requires a power cut to fix it before powering the home or office once again.


To avoid such challenges, it is vital to employ an automatic electrical surge regulator or a surge protector. They help regulate the amount of electricity supply you get all the time. If the voltage is too high, it controls it such that your appliances do not suffer high voltage, which can result in damage. If the voltage is too low, it indicates it such that you do not go ahead and use your appliances on the low current, which may also damage your devices. 


Electrical cords come with specifications concerning their use. These specifications indicate heavy, light, or medium-duty and external or internal environmental use. Even appliances suitable to use on each is readily available information. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise professionalism when it comes to using different extension cords and ensuring the safety of individuals around you. Practice safe electricity use and avoid major accidents and fatalities from happening.

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