Wiyaala on the reality of stardom

Eccentric musician Noella Wiyaala has revealed the downside of stardom though she admits there are special moments attached to being in the limelight.

The musician affectionately called the “ The Young Lioness of Africa” in an interview with Joy News narrated how she gets emotionally down sometimes when away on international tours.

“It takes a lot of preparation to perform on international platforms, or even for shows back home in Ghana.

“As a professional musician, it’s expedient to polish talent of guitar playing and on stage deliveries,” Wiyaala said.

She observed that though in the eyes of the public it may seem that it’s all fun but the reality is that, you get into meetings with other people and you must train yourself to make the best of networking to boost your chances of getting booked for shows to stay afloat in the industry.

“Sometimes I miss home so much when I settle behind some alien foods like the fries and frizzy drinks. I crave for local Ghanaian foods like fufu like banku, fufu, TZ and others

“The void that one feels away from family is also another dimension altogether.

“My mother has been my mentor, counselor and even a pastor. She’s done a great job with me. My humility at these high moments of my life I owe to her counsel and direction. My dad has also been incredible only, that I’m very close to my as she relates to me as my sister.

“I wish she would travel with me on my tours. I miss her terribly when I’m away” she said.

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