Woman pours hot water on 13-year-old maid servant

Christiana Eze has been arrested after report by the International Federation of Women Lawyers, FIDA, that she had poured hot water on her 13-year-old maid servant, Beauty, for allegedly sleeping on her couch in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

According to reports, Beauty, who usually sleeps on the floor, decided to sleep on the couch on July 3, 2018 because she was feeling cold.

Her madam Christian Eze irked by her decision to enjoy some warmth in her couch decided to teach her the hard lesson by subjecting her to severe beating, after which, she poured hot water on her.

According to Beauty, Madam Christiana after pouring hot water on her used a belt to flog her on the same spot she poured the hot water on, till her skin peeled off.

The victim, Beauty was sent off to school the next day in her condition which was noticed by her teacher who subsequently filed a report against the suspect.

It was gathered that for the last two years of the girl’s stay with Christiana, she knew nothing but torment and torture, a situation the neighbors attested to.

The security man of the household also revealed that he gives Beauty food sometimes, because she eats once a day. Investigation further revealed that the girl doesn’t have a room in the house and her luggage is kept under the staircase, where she dresses up.

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