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Workers of Metro Mass Transit in Wa lock out manager for overstaying his contract

Workers of Metro Mass Transit (MMT) in Wa have locked out their manager in charge of transit activities in the Upper West Region for legal and moral reasons.

A worker, who wants to remain anonymous, told Joy News they no longer need the services of Dickson Gyewu because he has not helped them since he assumed office.

He was worried that some of the buses have not been in services for the last six months because of issues regarding tyres.

“For about six months, just one bus has been on the road. Three days ago, we were given six tyres,” he said.

The workers in Wa strongly believe the manager has shrieked his obligations.

According to them, Mr Gyewu has never been sighted heading to Accra for any work-related issue.

But the manager has denied this.

Mr Dickson Gyewu assumed office in 1984 has been on several contracts after his term of office expired.

He attributed the inability of buses to work as a problem due to the recklessness of drivers.

According to him, the damages caused by the workers on the buses are expensive to cater for by the local management.

He said durbars are held by the local management to address issues concerning work and minutes of meetings are sent to Accra.

He said for someone who has worked for more than 30 years, it surprises him that certain individuals are inciting their colleagues against him.

Mr Gyewu said, “I think it is not out of place. We have people in other companies or our company who have executed contracts which have been renewed more than ten times”.

He said the workers have no valid reason to criticise his services as a manager.

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