World’s largest army: Ghana ranks 108th out of 136 countries

Ghana has been ranked 108th out of 136 countries on a list of the largest army in terms of the number of active soldiers.

According to data from Global FirePower (GFP), Ghana’s total population of 27,499,924 has 13,500 active personnel and a total aircraft strength of 24.

The GFP report also found that the country has 300 armoured fighting vehicles and 20 total naval assets.

In the overall ranking for military strength, Ghana placed 107th out of 136 nations.

The Global Firepower report also disclosed that Ghana’s defense budget was $120,000,000.

The Global FirePower report also found that China has the largest army with over 2,183,000 active soldiers – over a million more than second-place India which has 1,362,500 soldiers.

According to the report, although China has more soldiers, the United States of America (USA) with 1,281,900 active military personnel (third on the GFP) has soldiers who are better equipped, with far more resources behind them with a defense budget of $647,000,000,000. China’s defense budget is $151,000,000,000.

Russia (4th) and North Korea (5th) complete the top five largest armies with sizes of 1,013,628 and 945,000 respectively.

Each military power detailed in the GFP is judged on an individual as well as some collective, factors when it comes to waging a prolonged campaign against another party.

The numbers available for each nation was calculated through an in-house formula which is used to establish the final ranking.

Some values presented in the report are estimates because official numbers were not available (particularly for closed-off nations such as North Korea).

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