‘You are not a cheap celebrity’ – Cardi B comforts Afia Schwar

Cardi B has replied Afia Schwarzenegger over the hullabaloo she caused on social media yesterday over her “meet and greet” brouhaha.

At her Accra based hotel, several Ghanaian celebrities trooped the venue for a “meet and greet” session which they said they were invited to, by the organizers of Cardi B’s show in Ghana.

Unfortunately, Cardi B couldn’t come out in time for her ‘meet and greet’. She later explained that she wasn’t informed about it as she was also suffering from a running stomach so she had to rest.

However, whilst the wait, some of the Ghanaian celebrities, particularly Afia Schwarzenegger, got furious and mercilessly insulted Cardi B and the show promoters for wasting time.

The Grammy award-winning rapper has reacted to the Ghanaian social media commentator’s outburst. Under Afia’s post, she comforted her, saying she (Afia) is not a cheap celebrity whilst she apologized for the misunderstanding that sparked the ‘meet and greet’ hullabaloo.


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