You Betrayed Us: Bernard Avle Tells Haruna Iddrisu In The Face

The interview with Haruna Iddrisu was one of the most anticipated interviews as he has been tagged as a corrupt politician who lies in bed with the incumbent government, New Patriotic Party. Thus, it was no shock when American-based journalist, Kelvin Taylor ended his show and told his viewers to quickly switch to Citi TV to watch the show. They talked about the economy, presidential jet brouhaha, and other issues.

In the course of the live interview, a viewer messaged Bernard Avle to ask Haruna this simple but controversial question.

“Is it true you are in bed with the NPP and in the pocket of Nana Addo?”

Haruna Iddrissu quickly debunked that claim by stating that he has no reason to do that. According to Haruna, he has never been NPP since 2005 and he has no intention of being an NPP member. He stated emphatically that he has supported NDC for a long time.

That revelation from Haruna Iddrisu made Bernard Avle question him as to why he lied to him and the other Legon students then when he was NUGS president that he did not support any political party and that he had the interest of the students in mind.

Later, Bernard Avle hinted at one of the agreements Haruna Iddrisu assented to when he was NUGS President…sharing. Bernard Avle explained that most of the students did not like that agreement and that they felt betrayed.

“I am just telling you what those students felt. We felt betrayed. I also felt betrayed”, Bernard Avle explained.



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