You can get into my pant only if you own an automobile – Comedienne Jacinta tells men

Comedienne Jacinta has said that all a man needs to get into her pants is a luxurious automobile.

Over the years, Ghanaians actresses have drummed home the need for men to be rich before they approach them. Some insist the men should have cars before they will agree to date them.

The latest to join the train of “car lovers” is comedienne Jacinta.

To her, for a man to get her, he should own an automobile and not just any car.

She said ”any man that approaches her must own an automobile but not just a mere car”.

Differentiating between a car and an automobile, the comedienne disclosed that the Toyota Corolla, Picanto i10, Hyundai are cars and the automobile comprises of the luxurious machines like Bentley, G-Wagon, and many others.

Source:My News

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