You have to be careful- Prophet Kumchaha sends message to married politicians

Founder and leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Prophet Nicholas Osei popularly known as Kumchaha has boldly made a statement to send a message to married politicians.

According to him, some married politicians go after other ladies, despite being married. Prophet Kumchaha said that, these politicians have to be careful.

Kumchaha mentioned that, it is totally against the will of God for a married man to go after other ladies. He said that, this immoral act comes with a big punishment.

Kumchaha added that, some of these politicians sometimes embezzle state funds to cater for these girls. Prophet Kumchaha went on to warn leaders and politicians who do such things to put an end to it.

He further said that, our politicians should try to learn from President Nana Addo who is always by the side of his wife. He said that, all married politicians should try to be like him.

“Some of our leaders are married but they still go after other ladies. For me, it is very inappropriate. If you are a married politician and you keep going after other ladies, you have to be careful. I will also like to advise all married politicians to live like President Nana Addo who is always with his wife”, Kumchaha boldly said while speaking on a show earlier yesterday.

By: Opera News

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