‘You Still Need Waist Trainers after Surgery to Maintain your Body’ – Fella Makafui Confirms Going Under the Knife

Actress Fella Makafui has been forced to reveal a secret she has perfectly kept under the carpet for all these years, the secret to her curvy stature.

Fella has been attributing her thin waist and large backside to exercise and the use of waist trainers but that is not the entire truth.

If you’ll be observant, the actress was not that well endowed when she first came into the entertainment space.

Everytime the topic of she going under the knife to please her celebrity husband, Medikal comes up, Fella shoots it down and loudly trumpets her waist training routine.

Today a female fan challenged the actress that she was covering up her body enhancement surgery with waist trainer routines and it pushed the actress to react.

The lady by the name she_loves_becca, wrote under Fella Makafui’s advertisement post that she does not see the need for an Obengfo customer (a term used for women who have had liposuction in Ghana) to wear a waist trainer.

By Obenfo customer, she was referring to Fella Makafui and her friends.

In response, Fella Makafui called the lady ignorant and added that whether surgery or no surgery, one needs to wear waist trainers to maintain their body shape.

The fan pleaded for spilling her secret, stressing that she thought once you go under the knife, you do not need waist trainers.

Fella returned to emphasize that one needs to continue the use of waist trainers even if they go for liposuction in order to maintain their body shape.

Knowing very well that she has indirectly revealed her secret and attention will be drawn to her , Fella deleted the post, comment and replies but Instagram police had screen captured it already.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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