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‘Your head is empty’

Deputy Commissioner of the Electoral Commission Dr Bossman Asare has been described by National Democratic Congress (NDC) activist and IT expert, Yayra Koku as “an empty-headed” person when it comes to knowledge on biometrics, report.

Mr Yayra’s reaction is in relation to the EC decision to compile a new voters register to include biometric facial data.

Dr Bossman Asare is reported to have said the EC “wants to create new voters register because we want to add an enhanced feature called facial recognition”.

He called the bluff of the opposition National Democratic Congress over their decision to kick against the new voter’s register.

But reacting to the deputy EC Boss, Mr Yayra described him as “an ignorant person who really does not understand Biometrics. So it is no more because the register is bloated but adding an enhanced feature. But who told Dr Bossman Asare that facial recognition is an enhanced feature in a biometric system.” he quizzed.

“Please somebody should tell Bossman Asare that facial recognition is the least physical trait in a biometric system because its accuracy in identifying the uniqueness of individuals is very very low and therefore makes it vulnerable when it comes to Security” he added.

“You can’t have a fingerprint system and say you are enhancing it with a facial recognition which has seriously very low distinctiveness and can repeat facial characteristics in an identification process. Take for instance identical twins, their faces may be exactly the same, it is only their fingerprints that would be unique amongst them.” he pointed out.

“Dr. Bossman Asare, please come again with another reason because this one is seriously not reasonable…” he fired.

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