Ghana Youth parliament laments conduct of Police

The Leadership of Youth Leadership Parliament Ghana has in recent times observed critically the conduct of some personnel of the Ghana Police Service. Less than a week ago, we woke up one morning only to hear that seven men who are residents of Asewase in the Ashanti Region suspected to be armed robbers had been gunned down.

A few hours after this incident, the entire community rose up in anger in protest that the young men in question were not armed robbers.


The conduct and standards of the Ghana Police Service in the shooting at Asewase leaves a lot in the minds of the ordinary Ghanaian and consequently, breaking the trust and confidence we have in the Police force. We acknowledge that the matter is currently been investigated and we would want to appeal to the authorities to ensure that proper investigations are conducted into this matter and the law must be allowed to take its full course.

Just when we were trying to overcome this tragedy as a nation, we again woke up one morning a few days ago to hear of an assault case involving a policeman and a woman with her little child at Midland Savings and Loans.

In as much as the conduct of the policeman in question has been condemned by many well-meaning Ghanaians, the conduct and standards of the Ghana Police Service in our opinion keeps declining below acceptable international standards.

The Leadership of Youth Leadership Parliament Ghana would like to urge the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to rise up to the occasion and ensure that a high level of discipline and professionalism is instilled in the Ghana Police Service. We want to use this opportunity to urge His Excellency the President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo the Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces to ensure that these despicable acts become a thing of the past and do not repeat itself. It is sad to mention that the conduct of some personnel of the Ghana Police Service in recent times has even brought shame to our dear nation Ghana within the International Community.

In this age of Emotional Intelligence, Youth Leadership Parliament Ghana is proposing that we should begin to take a critical look at the guidelines and criteria in recruiting Police Officers. We suggest that an Institution like the Ghana Police Service should include psychological and mental examinations as part of the recruitment process in enlisting new recruits into the service.

We believe this will also help curb this horrendous act of some personnel of the Ghana Police Service. We the Youth Leaders of this country will do everything within our power to ensure that the future of our country Ghana is safeguarded for our children and children’s children.

Rt. Hon. Paul Drapson
National Speaker Youth Leadership Parliament Ghana


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