Yvonne Nelson pokes fun by posing to be married to ‘mystery guy’

Actress, movie writer and producer, Yvonne Nelson, who had stated clearly in the past that she will marry in her own time has got social media talking after she declared that she is married to some ‘mystery guy’.

The actress recently came under hot criticisms over her relationship with her baby daddy because they claim it was improper for her to have given birth out of wedlock.

She hit back at critics emphasizing that she would not be pressured into marriage and will do it when she feels the time is right.

But in a recent post on her Instagram page, she shared a picture of herself and a gentleman who she referred to as her husband.

This development has got fans are asking what happened to her baby daddy; but it appears, she is only poking fun at the incessant attacks on her to get married.

Her Instagram post read, “’I’m married now to this guy!’.

As to whether, it’s a joke or a serious statement only time will tell
Read post from fans:

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