Zimbabweans protest against ‘economic crisis’

Several thousand opposition supporters have marched through Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, to protest against the deepening economic crisis, and to demand that a transitional government run the country following President Emmerson Mngangwa’s victory in disputed elections in July.

Addressing the crowd, defeated presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa said Zimbabweans had not expected living conditions to deteriorate after the ousting of long-serving ruler Robert Mugabe last year.

He said, “Zimbabweans are suffering. The country has no fuel.
Zimbabweans are suffering. The country has no fuel. When we united against Mugabe. We did not expect this. Our lives are worse off.”

The protest was the first since a deadly crackdown by the security forces on opposition supporters who rejected Mr Mnangagwa’s victory in the poll as fraudulent.

Mr Chamisa called for the formation of a transitional government to map the way forward, adding:

“We are not going to fight Mr Mnangagwa with guns because we do not believe in guns.”


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