Zoomlion Chairman urges Harvard University to help African Businesses to grow

Dr Joseph Siaw Agyepong, Chairman of the Jospong Group has called on the World renowned center of academic excellence; Harvard University to help African businesses to imrpove their operational efficiency by designing special business models to feed such needs.

Dr Agyapong said in order to succeed in the fast evolving landscape of business in Africa, companies needed Staff who possessed new knowledge in leadership, management and finance.

Dr. Agyapong noted that it was only by such personnel development that Africa could compete in the globally competitive business space.

In a release issued and copied to the Ghana News Agency said Zoomlion, the provider of integrated waste management solutions said Zoomlion was positioning its Staff to hone their skills using Harvard University’s Centre for African Studies as the learning grounds.

Dr Agyapong, who was attending a Harvard Center for Africa Studies Advisory Board meeting, was appointed to the advisory board, after being recognized for his immense contribution in giving waste management in Africa a makeover.

The Council believed Dr Agyepong’s skills and pragmatic knowledge on leadership and entrepreneurship would help in the development and growth of the Harvard University’s center.

The meeting assembled top African Entrepreneurs, Policy Makers and Specialists in various fields to broaden public and scholarly awareness about Africa, African experiences and African perspectives.

Dr Agyapong noted that applying modern business tactics to African entrepreneurship would rebrand waste administration and render it attractive, especially for developing countries suffering with the disease burden of poor sanitation.

Board members of the Council, served as ambassadors for the Centre and assist in shaping the field of African Studies, intellectually and institutionally, the statement added.

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