Zu-za catches cold whenever Bawumia sneezes!

The time tested saying that ‘ the world catches cold whenever America sneezes’ is a truism no one can contest. Except Russia, America bullies any country that dares to question her authority.

Being the only superpower, America’s wish has literally become a command for other countries. No amount of grumbling or name-calling can change the reality.

Away from world geopolitics to politics on the local terrain, a similar scenario is being played out. That the vice-president, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, is an economist of international repute is a fact no one can deny – not even his political detractors. Neither can one contest the fact that he has, since surfacing on the political scene, been bullying his party’s main opponents with his intellectual prowess.

As a student of politics, I’ve noted with dismay how Dr Bawumia’s devastating punches during the campaign helped the Great Elephant to knockout the eagle-headed Umbrella in the political boxing match in December 2016. Aside his party’s beautiful campaign message, which many of the electorate bought, he contributed significantly in making President Ogwanfunu and the Umbrella unpopular by punching holes in their lame economic policies.

Indeed, many others have made the same observation. Dr Tony Aidoo, former Ambassador to Holland, has publicly acknowledged Dr Bawumia’s contribution in the devastating defeat of the Umbrella. He lamented his party’s inability to find any answer to Dr Bawumia’s 170 questions, thereby casting doubt on the competence of the then Zu-za economic management team.

I vividly remember how the late vice-president, Wofa P K, struggled to find answers to the nagging economic questions. The poor late vice-president became a laughing stock in the country and beyond.

No wonder Dr Bawumia has now become the target of Zu-za’s attacks. Party members, both rank and file, use the little opportunity to impugn on his integrity. They call him all sorts of names.

But no matter how much mud they throw at him, it refuses to stick. The man is still held in high esteem by his compatriots, despite the name-calling. This is because they can see how hard he and the other managers of the economy are working to bring the economy back on track. They can also see the economic policies bearing fruits.

Dr Bawumia sneezed about three weeks ago and, as was expected, members in the camp of President Ogwanfunu were seen running helter-skelter. He did not mention any name. He only said he had information that ‘The Incompetent One’ was trying to make a return to the presidency to cause more damage.

Abusuapanin, how they tongue-lashed him! They threatened to rain insults on him if he ever directed his so-called derogatory comments at President Ogwanfunu again – as if they’ve not done enough of that already.

At least, one thing is clear now. There is no doubt who ‘The Incompetent One’ is. He is no other than the one who responded to Dr Bawumia’s innuendoes, even though no name was mentioned. And we know who that is, don’t we?

Dr Bawumia has sneezed again and, once again, the folks in the Zu-za camp are shivering like a drenched goat. This time he gave them a simple question: Zu-za should mention one social intervention they implemented that has reduced the hardship of the people.

Fred Agbenyo was on Peace FM last week. He was given close to ten minutes but he failed to answer the question. Chairman Ade Coker was also asked the same question on Citi TV and he failed to answer the question. Many others have tried by mentioning free sandals, free pad, free laptops and the rest.

Clearly, they’ve failed to get the import of Dr Bawumia’s question. The emphasis of the question is how the social intervention has lessened the hardship of the people. It is an open secret that the free sandals, free school uniforms and free laptops policies were innovative ways to siphon funds from the public treasury. Indeed, who can really tell how many people received these phantom freebies? And how did they impact the lives of the general populace?

While you think of answers to these questions, I see in my mind’s eye Dr Bawumia advertising another sneeze. I’m sure you can easily guess which section of the population will catch cold.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!

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