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    Brother Sammy and Ernest Opoku nearly get into a fistfight

    On the night of March 24, 2023, tensions between two popular Ghanaian gospel musicians, Brother Sammy and Ernest Opoku, almost turned into physical violence when the two met in Kumasi.

    In an Instagram post shared by blogger, Zionfelix, the two artists have been at odds for several months, with Brother Sammy reportedly claiming that Ernest Opoku is his subordinate, or “small boy,” in interviews.

    Ernest Opoku has remained silent on the matter until recently when he stated in an interview on Agyenkwa FM that Brother Sammy must apologize to him before he is allowed to attend his upcoming 20th-anniversary concert as a gospel musician.

    Brother Sammy, not taking kindly to this ultimatum, confronted Ernest Opoku when they crossed paths in Kumasi.

    The confrontation quickly escalated, with Ernest Opoku rising to confront Brother Sammy in a fit of fury.

    The two men had to be separated by onlookers to prevent the altercation from escalating further.

    However, some netizens who watched the altercation video have speculated that it may be a publicity stunt designed to promote Ernest Opoku’s upcoming concert.

    Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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