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    We are not hooligans; some of us are as qualified as he is – Minority

    The Minority in Parliament has strongly criticized the response of Dr. Ernest Addison, the Governor of the Bank of Ghana, regarding the #OccupyBoG protest.

    In an interview with Central Banking, Governor Addison dismissed calls for his resignation and questioned the approach of the Minority in using street protests to voice their grievances.

    He remarked, “Why did the minority fail to use other channels to get their grievances across but parade on the streets like hooligans?”

    The ranking member for the Committee on Employment, Social Welfare, and State-Owned Enterprises, Dr Kwabena Donkor, in a interview with Starr News expressed his disapproval of the governor’s response.

    He argued that Dr. Addison should have taken responsibility for the economic challenges facing the country instead of resorting to insults.

    Dr. Donkor emphasized, “I believe the governor’s response is most unfortunate. Yes, we have avenues, and it is our democratic right to choose which avenues, as long as they are legitimate, to express our concern.

    “Yes, even though it was led by the Minority, there were Civil Society Organizations, other groups, and trade unions involved. So, if we choose to demonstrate within the bounds of the law, the least the governor could do was to receive our petition. If there were circumstances preventing him from receiving our petition, he should not resort to insulting us.

    “We are not hooligans; some of us are as qualified as he is, and others are even more qualified in their fields of endeavor. So, it is most unfortunate that he is avoiding addressing the real issues,” Dr. Donkor added.

    The former Power Minister emphasized that the Bank of Ghana’s performance has been dismal in fulfilling its functions.

    He also noted that the Bank of Ghana will have to engage with Parliament in the future to address these concerns.


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