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    24-hour economy: You killed businesses with ‘dumsor’ –Mahama told

    Ghanaians have been told not to give their ears to sweet-talking John Dramani Mahama over his resolve to run a 24-hour economy when given the nod in 2024.

    They have also been advised not to trust the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as his now seeming love for the economy is only to deceive the business community as he supervised ‘dumsor’ during his time as president.

    The advice came from the former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Youth Organizer at Suame Constituency, Richard Agyemang, who observed the former President is only sweet-talking for votes.

    “Former President Mahama can’t be trusted. He is talking about a 24-hour economy when the same person collapsed businesses with dumsor when he was president”

    “When Dr. Bawumia says the former president doesn’t understand the 24-hour economy he is talking about, it’s true, because, under Kufuor, the enabling business environment was created for private businesses to thrive to kick in the 24-hour operations only for Mahama to come and use dumsor to destroy things”, he disclosed

    In the last few days, former president Mahama has been putting out some possible policy direction of his government when given the chance which includes the 24-hour economy when he met the TUC.

    It has generated a lot of debate, with Ghanaians divided over which sector such a policy will benefit.

    Some have suggested certain sectors already run a 24-hour shift system hence a 24-hour economy is in motion while some others believe much more explanation of the policy is needed.


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