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    Sir Prince - Ohemaa






    If the greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return, save the gestures and romantic heart beating lyrics in this song to your reception. Get sick with love with no remedy than to love more and more



    as true love is inexhaustible, the more you give, the more you have; A simple "I LOVE YOU" to that special one of yours after this sweet song from the sensation Sir Prince will mean more than anything within the soul. Click the download button on the player to download.





    Odofo ko Odo enye mbra

    Woho adwen'a na meredwen

    Ao sambra'o medo'e menkoa

    Adwendwen mate nisuo'aa

    Acheamponmaa wonnya mbae nso'a

    Medo'e twa ahoma wae



    Na wo'ahomguo pam ntomtom

    Womotoemu nka ne meanoata

    Metewoso'a masore

    Mama'e hyewo chachaw

    Na woye ohemaa Yebowodin'a yekoha ntoma

    O yebowodin'a mama'e



    Ese fatawo, diwo ohemaa meso

    Ahendie no se fatawo, oboade yeewo ohemaa

    Ahendie no se fatawo, diwo hemaa no meso

    Mehye woase



    Na woye ohemaa yebo Wodin'a

    Yekoha ntoma, dasani papabi'a

    Mama'e hey hey hey


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