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    All unregistered SIM cards to be deactivated today

    The National Communications Authority (NCA) will from today, Monday, April 17, delete all unregistered SIM cards from the database of telecommunication network operators. 

    SIM cards which have not been re-registered with Ghana cards, will be deactivated. 

    A directive issued on Thursday, April 13, by the NCA indicated that all disconnected SIMs are to be delinked from all databases. 

    For the avoidance of doubt, this included SIMs that were blocked in November 2022 for not having completed both stages of the SIM registration.

    Again, all SIM cards registered after the limit of 10 per individual are to be delinked, deactivated and removed from all databases by today. 

    Subsequently, the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications also in a press statement agreed to comply with the NCA’s directive. 

    It added, “All subscribers with more than 10 SIMs registered to themselves should also visit their nearest mobile network operator’s service centres to urgently verify their SIMs on record.”

    Furthermore, the Chamber said, “Our members are obliged by the directive to completely deactivate all impacted subscriber SIMs which have not completed the registration by the said date without any further notice or extension of time for subscribers.”

    It noted, “It is important that the cherished customers of the networks are not barred from using voice, data, USSD, mobile money services and continue to have access to emergency and other important services.”

    It added that subscribers with Ghana cards can avoid this inconvenience by completing stage 2 (the biometric capture) of the registration process.

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