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    I do not have a stroke nor do I have a liver disease – KiDi clarifies health rumors

    Ghanaian musician KIDI  has addressed circulating rumours about his health, categorically denying any claims of suffering from a stroke or liver disease.

    The talented artist took the opportunity to set the record straight and assure his fans that he is in good health in a new interview that is set to be aired at 6 PM on Wednesday, May 10.

    “First of all, I don’t have a stroke, it’s one of the craziest things I ever heard,” he told Sika Osei ” I want to state categorically, I do not have a liver disease”.

    KIDI, 29, whose real name is Dennis Nana Dwamena, has been making headlines for the wrong reasons after he announced that he was pulling the plug on his North American Tour due to ill health.

    Kidi’s decision to take a break however sparked rumours that he had gotten a stroke and was on the brink of death, a claim his label boss, Richie quickly debunked.

    “KiDi hasn’t had a stroke. Ignore the rumours and the click bait,” he tweeted.

    Despite Richie’s assurances, fans were still worried about his health which led him to cut his break short and announce his comeback.

    Addressing his fans and the public in an Instagram post, Kidi stated, “A little under two months ago, I made the painful decision of cancelling my tour to take care of my health that included taking time off social media. In that time, I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from family, friends, fans and the brands i work with. You all made me feel incredibly loved in this difficult period and I can’t appreciate you enough”

    KiDi addresses false stories of stroke by bad actors in comeback video as he returns to do music
    In an era where misinformation can easily take hold and create unnecessary panic, KIDI decided to address the issue head-on with new music, ‘Not Ok‘

    “If I tell you I am OK, I lied. I am smiling but I am dead inside,” the lyrics of the song alluded to bad health “Look into my eye you see the pain inside, I don’t want to chill I wanna stay inside. If I show you my liver, you go take me prayer”.

    The lyrics of the new song also moved his fans to believe that he was battling a liver disease perhaps from drinking.

    Over the weekend, the ‘Touch It’ crooner made it clear once again that he was in good health when he made a surprise appearance at the VGMA where he performed 3 songs from his repertoire, ‘I Lied’, ‘Blessed’ and ‘We Outside’ to the amazement of fans.


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    As news of KIDI’s clarification spreads, his loyal fanbase has rallied behind him, expressing relief and showing unwavering support.

    He is however yet to explain the reason for taking a break from his tour in the upcoming episode of Stripped with Sika Osei.

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