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    McBrown puts attractive cleavage on display

    Ghanaian screen goddess, Empress Mcbrown has come under severe criticism for showing her cleavage at an event she attended in Kumasi last night.

    In a video which has popped up on social media, Mcbrown can be seen trying to cover her cleavage as she felt very uncomfortable in her revealing outfit while entering the venue for the grand opening of Ridge Condos Luxury Homes in Kumasi

    Her butts which have grown astronomically bigger after going under the knife were also on full display inside her all-black jumpsuit.

    Her fans have expressed their disappointment in her for dressing like a wannabe slay queen despite being regarded as a legend with a respected brand.

    Ever since Mcbrown artificially enhanced her body, she has never missed showing off her body when given the chance.

    It seems she has developed a new kind of confidence after going under the knife which is somehow irritating.


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