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    Allotey Jacobs recounts duping Prof Kwasi Botchwey with fake supporters in 2002

    Bernard Allotey Jacobs, former Central Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has shed light on the murky world of politics in Ghana, recounting an incident from 2002 involving former Finance Minister Professor Kwasi Botchwey, who had aspirations of contesting for the presidency.

    Allottey Jacobs revealed how he orchestrated a deceptive strategy to create the illusion of widespread support for the late Professor Botchwey’s presidential bid within the NDC.

    Speaking in the context of recent political developments, including the resignation of Alan Kyerematen from the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Allottey Jacobs highlighted the rough nature of Ghanaian politics, characterized by intense competition and backbiting.

    Allottey Jacobs, who was aligned with the late former President John Evans Atta Mills, explained that he was tasked with arranging a meeting between Professor Botchwey and the Central Regional party executives.

    However, due to his allegiance to President Atta Mills, he devised a deceptive plan.

    Professor Kwasi Botchwey in 2002 planned to contest late Atta Mills for the NDC flagbearersgip slot, thinking he had a very strong base within the cadre core, so his set up and campaign team, Allotey narrated.

    “There were a lot of senior cadres who were supporting him because he also felt they should have a voice within his party…so he started organizing from region to region.

    “There were two elderly men whom I was very close to and they were very aware that I was for Professor Mills, and knew very well as a regional propaganda secretary I was the ground man because I have never done any government work before, all my life is about politics so I know every corner in Central region and Western region.

    “So, they told me that Professor Kwesi Botchwey was coming to have a meeting with Central Regional party executives. Do you know what I did?” he said

    “I went to the seashore to bring people… I loaded a lot of them, and the time of the meeting was 7:00 PM. So, if there is something about the people because it is in the evening you won’t see or realize,” Alottey Jacobs explained.

    He continued, “When he came, we had to use a strategy to turn off some of the lights. The place where we, some few executives were sitting had most of the lights on, the front seats. Those at the back were the people I had loaded, so we had to turn off their lights because if he had seen them, he would ask whether they are party executives or not.”

    Alottey Jacobs confessed to training the attendees to provide vocal support during Professor Botchwey’s speech, further enhancing the illusion of widespread party support.

    “After the meeting, when he was about to leave, he called me and asked if all these people were my supporters and party executives, the game is sometimes very rough; that is why I am saying Alan is so noble for such politics.”


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